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Marcelo Dominguez Dorado

Marcelo Dominguez Dorado

Hair Salon

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"Love never fails"

The hair industry is always evolving so it’s always exciting on many levels. At Urban Retreat we are very fortunate because the best of the best come through its doors to demonstrate to us new techniques and hair changing products to achieve the best results! What’s really special to me is being able to transform someone’s look in less than two hours! Plastic surgery is way more expensive and painful! I, on the other hand, use hair friendly and gentle tools to make my guests look and feel beautiful.

I started to train in hairdressing when I was sixteen, I worked my way up to becoming a fully equipped hairstylist to then working on various multi-media projects including fashion shoots, tv commercials, Instagram collaborations and other exciting projects. I’ve been very fortunate to assist and learn from some of the best hairstylists and colourists in London as this has only helped me to become a better hairdresser.

I greatly enjoy what I do. I love meeting new people; getting to know them on a personal level is key to achieving the right look for them. Thanks to social media people have developed a good eye as to what looks good and the latest fashion, therefore when my guests come back to me it must mean I’m doing my job well.