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Estelle Bingham

Estelle Bingham

Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic
Crystal Healing Therapy

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"NY Times: The real charm, though, is the hands-on healing from Estelle Bingham, whose holistic crystal therapy has the beauty crowd beguiled. "

Experience the ultimate tailor made crystal healing session, bespoke to your needs. Estelle identifies areas that need support and healing, then guides you onto a transformational healing journey using cards, meditation, hands on and hands off healing with crystals.

Estelle Bingham was one of the first crystal healing pioneers in the UK and leading the charge over 15 years ago. Her amazing abilities have garnered support from Goop to The NY Times. This amazing media recognition coupled with her genuine warmth and empathic qualities, have attributed to Estelle’s enviable VIP client list.

Fourth generation psychic and meditating from 6 years old, the journey of the soul has been an integral part of Estelle’s life since the very beginning. Heart opening and healing is her forte. She is committed to helping others heal, express truth, embrace and embody their true joy and potential.

Goop: “There’s only one word for Estelle Bingham’s practice: transformative. Or maybe two: utterly transformative. Her particular combination of crystal healing and guided meditation melts away the anxieties of modern life. She’s done this for twenty years, and if you choose to surrender and commit some time to exploring her methods of holistic healing, the results can be remarkable.”