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Chinmai Yang

Chinmai Yang

Nail Lab
Nail Technician

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"Hands and feet never take a break, so take care of them."

“I love doing things where you can really see a difference. The smallest of things can make anyone feel happy, and make their day. Taking care of your self, may it be nails, hair or eyebrows has the power to change up your whole look.”

Chinmai’s specialisms are eyebrows and nails, but she is particularly passionate towards nails and the great attention to detail, by using fabulous colours and techniques you can achieve an array of beautiful looks, classic or creative. Chinmai’s explains that threading eyebrows can enhance the structure of the face by giving an immediate lift to one’s expression.

Chinmai has been a beauty therapist for more than ten years, her passion for the industry came from family members, as well as her heritage, who have been role models.