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Carey Boothe

Carey Boothe

Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic
Cleanse Specialist

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"Whether you’re seeking to detox, lose weight, improve your posture, ease muscular discomfort or ease built up tension from the week, Carey is keen to help you achieve your goals."

Carey is a highly experienced multi-disciplinary practitioner.  She has been practising Complementary Therapies for over 17 years and is a member of several professional associations including ARCH, BANT, FHT & CNHC. Carey has a good knowledge of the body from the inside out from her studies and years of experience. Her nutrition and detox therapies include Colon Hydrotherapy & Nutritional Therapy.

Her well-developed sense of touch combined with a warm, calming and caring approach gives the assurance that you are in a safe, friendly and healing environment. She loves to keep up to date with current research and on-going training so that her clients can get the best treatment. She has helped hundreds of clients achieve successful outcomes and takes enormous pride in helping her clients feel better. She was even one of the Team GB massage therapists for 2012 Olympics.

Carey takes a holistic approach when creating bespoke treatments for each client. Her focus is to address the underlying causes of an individual’s symptoms. She guides and advises each client on how to improve their wellbeing and their future health by recommending the best treatment plan for their specific needs.

Carey is a very intuitive therapist and often combines several techniques in one session.