Urban Retreat City offers the best tattoo artists near me

your one-stop beauty haven

Not only do we offer a wide array of in-house beauty treatments that’ll make you feel like royalty, but we’ve also teamed up with trusted and highly skilled experts to bring you the latest and most exciting speciality treatments in the beauty universe.

From the magic of anti-wrinkle treatments to the artistry of derma fillers, skin boosters, and even the precision of electrolysis, we’ve got you covered. And for those looking to elevate their beauty game, we offer semi-permanent makeup and tattoos that are as unique as you.

Whether you’re a busy bee in need of a quick touch-up or you’re gearing up for a special event and want to be pampered like a star, our specialist partners are here to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. Come on in, and let’s make your beauty dreams a reality.

*All specialist treatments are excluded from Urban Retreat membership benefits. T&Cs apply. Subject to availability*


Terrie Karam needs no introductions: the master of vegan ink and fine-line bespoke tattoos. If you’re craving a tattoo that’s as unique as you are, you are in the right place.
With Terrie by your side, it’s not just a tattoo; it’s a personal story waiting to be told. She’ll collaborate with you, turning your personal ideas into inked masterpieces. And the best part? It all starts with a fantastic consultation and a design as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Terrie’s talent is in such high demand that there might be a bit of a wait. *Wait list may apply; contact Terrie directly to book an appointment*

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.

Urban Retreat City offers the best tattoo artists near me
Urban Retreat City offers best botox near me


We’ve got a secret weapon for unlocking your inner glow – and it’s doctor-approved! We’ve partnered with a fabulous doctor-led clinic to offer you an array of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and skin booster treatments. Picture this: You, looking and feeling refreshingly fabulous. It’s not a dream; it’s our speciality.

Feeling good is looking good, and we’re here to make sure you do both – effortlessly and with a playful touch. Unlock your beauty’s full potential.

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.


If you’ve got packed schedules and places to be, look no further than the superhero of beauty: Semi-Permanent Makeup!
Our talented therapists work their magic through the art of cosmetic tattooing. They delicately inject tiny pigments beneath your skin’s surface, creating long-lasting makeup-like looks that save you precious time.

Wave goodbye to the hassle of daily makeup routines and say hello to waking up flawless. Let’s transform your everyday beauty routine into a playful, stress-free adventure. Ready to give it a try?

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.

semi permanent eyeliner and makeup services at Urban Retreat City
Urban Retreat City offers electrolysis hair removal near me


We’re all about bringing you the latest and greatest, even when it comes to those not-so-glamorous treatments like hair removal.
Here’s our secret weapon: Soprano Titanium, the superstar of laser hair removal. It’s not just any system; it’s the crème de la crème. Say goodbye to the “ouch” factor because it’s the only clinically proven, virtually painless method.

So, while others are stuck in the past, we’re zapping into the future of smooth, silky skin. Join us for a laser hair removal experience that’s both effective and a whole lot of fun! Available for all skin tones and types.

Subject to availability. Not included in the membership discount scheme.


Say goodbye to the fuzz and hello to smooth, carefree skin!
Our electrolysis hair removal is your ticket to a world of silky, soft skin, and we’re here to make the journey as joyful as possible. By removing individual hairs from your face or body and destroying the growth centre of the hair, our therapists will leave you with pure, radiant confidence that’ll leave you glowing. Your smoother you is just a session away.

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.

Urban Retreat City electrolysis treatments
Urban Retreat City offers best massage spa near me


At Urban Retreat, we believe that true beauty starts from the inside out. So, if you’re carrying around the weight of an old injury or need a little extra TLC, our Remedial Massage is here to rescue your inner and outer glow.

Our experts are like massage maestros. They’ll give you the royal treatment, starting with a personalised assessment to determine what your body craves. Whether you’re battling back pain, waging war on those pesky tension-induced headaches, or need relief from sports-related aches, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you feeling and looking your best.

Targets damaged, knotted, and tense muscles and tendons, as well as immobile joints using deep tissue release, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue release and joint mobilisation.

Book a session and let the healing hands do their magic!


Step into the world of male clipping – or as we like to call it, ‘manscaping.’ You’re in control of your mane destiny, whether you are looking for trim, a snip, or a bit of grooming magic, deciding the perfect length that suits your style, we’re here to make it happen.

Men’s waxing is a true game-changer. And we are making it a luxurious experience with our Asmira Botanica luxury wax. And yes, if you are wondering, we do offer intimate waxing. It’s all about comfort, precision, and a touch of botanical bliss.

Whether you’re sculpting your ideal look with clippers or opting for a smooth and sleek finish with waxing, we’ve got your grooming game covered. If you are ready to elevate your grooming game, click below to book.

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.

Urban Retreat City offers men's grooming near me
Urban Retreat City offers colonic near me


Our gut is also known as our second brain, our body's silent second chief.
If you've tried colonic hydrotherapy (formerly known as colonic irrigation) before, you know it's a tune worth returning to. And if you're a first-timer, welcome aboard!

Let's dive into the world of colonic hydrotherapy – a gentle, dignified process that's like a spa day for your insides. It works its magic slowly but surely, cleansing and detoxing your body from the inside out.

Wondering why people swear by it? Here are some popular perks: reducing the risk of bowel disorders and diseases, bidding farewell to bloated-ness, boosting your immune system, taking control of your weight and shape, achieving skin goals, sharpening your focus, and improving digestion and smooth bowel movements.

It's not just a treatment; it's a symphony of benefits that leave you feeling harmoniously balanced. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, let's make your gut sing and dance.


Experience the magic of our Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a gentle and rhythmic technique revitalising your body. Our expert therapists blend minimal pressure with sweeping strokes, encouraging toxins to exit your system gracefully.

Benefits are countless, from reducing water retention and improving circulation to shaping your body and improving sports performance. Choose the Express Stomach for a quick 40-minute focus on your midsection, or opt for the Full Body Massage for a more comprehensive 60 or 90-minute escape.

Hydration is essential; remember to sip water before and after your massage to flush out toxins. Elevate your well-being with our simple yet effective approach to relaxation and rejuvenation; book your appointment now.

Subject to availability. Not included in the Urban Retreat membership discount scheme.

Brazilian lymphatic massage at Urban Retreat City