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Wellness Package

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Post lockdown this package will help you start your wellness journey and boost your immunity.  If you want to maintain optimum health start here. It includes:

  • HOCATT™ Ozone Session – an absolute must for boosting immunity, this specific treatment works internally by stimulating cells and increasing oxygen levels in the blood. The ozone cycle effectively inactivates viruses at the cellular level and leaves your skin in a complete antibacterial state, using the full spectrum of light for soothing and balancing, essential oils for relaxation and electrotherapy for the nervous system and muscle regeneration. This 30 min session has everything needed to support your body at this time.
  • Intramuscular Shot – these slow release shots are perfect for keeping you going and building up your immunity. After a consultation with our nurse she will recommend which would be best for you at the time, whether it’s a B12 shot, an Energise Me shot, B complex shot or a Vibrant Me shot.