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Thread Lift Procedure (Per Thread)

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The Silhouette Thread Lift is the latest innovation changing peoples’ lives, addressing the main facial concerns when it comes to ageing, including the drawn-down, slide effect that happens as our muscle tone declines, deepening creases and hiding the natural contours we associate with youth. As we age, many factors can affect our facial structure, including loss in elasticity, facial fat, along with the reduction of facial muscle size. These changes ultimately contribute to sagging jowls, flat cheeks and lower eye bags. Choosing a thread lift can help improve the way your facial skin holds itself, giving a more voluminous look to your neck and face. The treatment offers patients a subtle facial lift with immediate natural effects for facial and neck redefinition, skin tightening and progressive restoration of lost collagen. A tailor made treatment under local anaesthesia means a painless procedure with minimal downtime. Long-lasting effects up to 18 months and beyond.