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HOCATT™ Ozone Steam Sauna Treatment

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During the session you sit comfortably within the Hocatt steam sauna, with your head protruding out of the top. Steam and adjustable volumes of ozone/oxygen mixture are circulated inside the sauna. Your pores open up as a result of the steam and the ozone enters the body after which it penetrated the blood and lymph.

The treatment provides a variety of wellness, pain relief, beauty and anti-ageing benefits. These include:

  • Helps with weight loss as the ozone steam removes toxins from the body’s fat reserves
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation in injuries, improving strength in joints and muscles
  • Has anti-ageing properties as blood flow is increased throughout the body which enhances oxygen delivery at a cellular level and aids in cell regeneration
  • Aids with complexion issues as the ozone may help improve liver function and chronic digestive issues, which can aid skin conditions and target stretch marks
  • Assists with sleep problems as the sauna helps to naturally calm the central nervous system. It aids in the reduction of stress and helps relax the muscles and mind

Please note the treatment is not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester or clients suffering from epilepsy, electric implants, heart conditions or blood clots.