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Guam Seaweed ‘Rescue’ Anti-Cellulite Seaweed Mud Wrap

Body, Slimming

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Duration: 75 mins
Price: £120


The consummate and ultimate of Guam’s anti-cellulite seaweed treatments is designed to target and obliterate the root cause of cellulite. This Seaweed mud formula has been pioneered via Guam’s patented ‘bio-liquefaction process’ to extract high contents of Guam’s Seaweed phyto–complexes. The release of the strong phyto-complexes in the formula has an antioxidant ability to triumph over free radicals, working in the deep recesses of your skin to obliterate stubborn and deeply rooted cellulite. The seaweed mud releases a heat sensation that lingers for a while after the treatment. To finish off a Guam cooling cream is applied to cool down the skin.

Designed to work as part of a course of twelve treatments with designated homecare creams over the course of four to six weeks. Pay for 10 treatments – 2 free £1,200