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Craniosacral, MLD and Feet Release 90 mins

Cleanse Clinic, Outer Body

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Duration: 90 mins
Price: £210

This ancient negative pressure cupping technique is an excellent body contouring tool, as it is effective in cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, whilst improving circulation and muscle tone. Using a variety of soft malleable silicone cups, this method is used to create a suction, to allow the cup to gently lift the skin to move lymph and drain to eliminate waste toxins and fluids under the surface – this is a much deeper pressure than MLD, using the hands and also aids the breakdown and removal of cellulite, increasing blood flow, improving circulation and eliminating water retention. The 60 mins option is recommended for targeted areas and 90 mins for full body treatment*

Please note, this treatment does not involve glass cups that are placed and left in position on the skin.