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Power Half Hour – Beautify Option (Includes GLED Mask)

Cleanse Clinic, Outer Body

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Duration: 45 mins
Price: £65

BODYFRIEND is a pioneering global health-tech brand producing the world’s number-one, luxury massage chair. Originating from South Korea, a known hub for advanced health and well-being techniques, BODYFRIEND’s two premium models – the best-selling Phantom, and one of the most luxurious designs – the Pharaoh are currently exclusively available at the Khera-Griggs Clinic at Urban Retreat.

Leading the way with human-centred technology and a mission to revolutionise healthier lifestyles, each chair has been meticulously developed by an innovative team of doctors in Seoul and offer a wide variety of beneficiary settings, designed to aid with insomnia and stress whilst boosting mindfulness, brain relaxation and overall physical health.

Accompany your massage with the Bodyfriend GLED mask has been developed using the latest in K Beauty technology. Combining LED functions (light therapy) with Galvanic Massage this premium mask offers three functions including skin firming, soothing and skin vitality.