How to grow your eyelashes before a lash lift


Whether you’re already blessed with long, luscious lashes, or often find that you need to fake it, a lash lift is the most perfect and natural-looking way to achieve a wide-awake, fluttery gaze. And while the treatment will add instant length and volume, the best way to guarantee great results is all in the prep! Try these top tips…

Use a lash serum

Think lash serum is a fad? Think again! Lash serum is one of the best ways to nourish, condition and grow healthy lashes. However, patience is important as results can take a while to appear. Trust the process – if you’re applying lash serum daily, you should start to see some results after a few weeks. 

Avoid waterproof mascara 

Yes… really! It’s time to toss out your waterproof mascara in favour of something a little gentler on your lashes. Due to the unique long-wearing formulation of waterproof mascara, it can be extra drying and can also be trickier to remove. Wiping and tugging on your lashes can damage them, causing breakage and fall out. Instead, opt for a mascara that contains nourishing ingredients and use an oil makeup remover to melt away the debris on your lashes at the end of the day. 

Eat a balanced diet

Just like any other hair on your body, eyelashes also require nutrients and vitamins to grow properly. Make sure you follow a healthy diet full of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and iron to help the growth of your eyelashes.

Take supplements

If you’ve not tried taking Biotin before, now’s the time to start! A vitamin that has been proven to aid hair growth and thickness, consuming extra Biotin wont just have your lashes appearing thicker and fuller – but your hair, too! 

Lay off of the falsies

This might go without saying, but applying false lashes with strong lash glue regularly is a no-go if you want to grow your natural lashes. When removing false lashes, natural lashes can be removed too, which can cause gaps and weakness.

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