Here’s why you NEED an UR Ultra Facial

By Guest Beauty Editor Sophie Bronstein.


I’ve always loved a facial – and every so often, especially before a special occasion, I like to go for one that I know will give me maximum, instantly glowing results. I chose Urban Retreat as I was looking for a facial that would target a number of different areas in one go.

As someone with fairly sensitive skin, I was assured that the products used within the treatment could be tailored to my skin type and extremely gentle – yet still effective. The facial itself uses products that are packed with active ingredients, which all target a wealth of skin concerns such as a hyper pigmentation, acne, dullness, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. I suffer with breakouts, along with dull and lacklustre skin, so the therapist used products that targeted these concerns – and I was SO excited to see the results I could get from this.

This facial was totally unique, and unlike any facial I’ve had before. Within the treatment, the beauty therapist used a combination of high frequency, lifting, steam, extractions, deep cleaning, vacuum suction and microdermabrasion with hands-on facial massage. I felt like I was having multiple facials in one go!


I could feel the treatment working as it tingled on my skin, which is what I like during a facial. I find it satisfying knowing that the product is actually working on my skin and doing what it’s supposed to do. My treatment lasted 70 minutes and I instantly saw beautiful results.


My skin did not look inflamed or feel irritated in the slightest, which it sometimes can do after I have used products rich in active ingredients. My skin was glowing, revived and bright. All dullness had been eliminated – and I found that my uneven skin tone and texture felt instantly more balanced. Better yet, my results lasted for days – I actually didn’t feel the need to exfoliate or treat my skin with any at-home products for at least a week.