FlavoUR café

A delightful addition to Urban Retreat London City is the opening of brand-new FlavoUR café.


FlavoUR Café is your friendly neighbourhood spot, offering meticulously crafted brews, along with delectable all-day menu, welcoming Urban Retreat guests, local residents, and commuters alike.

Start your day right with a rejuvenating cup of tea or coffee before heading to work or indulge in a wholesome breakfast with options like our granola pot and freshly baked pastries while you await your Urban Retreat appointment.


When lunchtime hits, take your pick from our diverse selection on offer. Opt for a custom-made salad, where you can choose from an array of fresh, seasonal ingredients, all expertly prepared by our dedicated team. Alternatively, savour one of our delicious sandwiches or soups.


FlavoUR is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.