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The science behind the brush!

AirMotion, Urban Retreat at Harrods

Introducing the AirMotion brush, a revolutionary hairbrush that has built in AirShock technology to reduce the strain on your hair and provide a better hair brushing experience. AirMotion is gentle on your scalp and has a geometric Tri-Bristle configuration of flexible bristles in three difference sizes to help the brush glide through your hair leaving it smooth and detangled.

Invented and designed in the UK, the AirMotion brush has a non-slip handle and is built from specialist superlite materials to glide through hair with effortless ease. The brush has been developed specifically to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair and offers a unique solution to haircare, leaving hair smooth and shiny. You can use the brush on wet and dry hair and there are four different colours to choose from.

Discover AirMotion in store in Urban Retreat at Harrods today.