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The iconic Huile Secret De Beaute from Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl, Urban Retreat

Having amassed a loyal and global following, the Huile Secret De Beaute Or oil is the star product of the Leonor Greyl collection. Containing shimmering gold particles for a truly luxurious experience the oil is designed to beautify and enhance your skin and hair’s natural radiance.

Masters of creating the most sought after products, Leonor Greyl are renowned for containing only the finest natural ingredients. Huile Secret De Beaute Or delivers the same superior quality, providing rare and natural ingredients for skin and hair that shines brilliantly. Containing apricot, coconut and a whole host of seed oils Huile Secret De Beaute Or imparts nurturing ingredients deep into skins layers, leaving it supple and soft to the touch. The added glistening particles lightly bathe skin with a naturally golden glow, for instant radiance. A perfect skin pick-me-up for all skin types, the oil smooths into skin, absorbing in seconds.

What's more, applying Huile Secret De Beaute Or to hair will leave the same luminous shine, not only designed to organically nourish each hair strand, the essential oils work amazingly well for coloured and treated hair. Offering a barrier against UV damage and strengthening each strand from root to tip. A little goes a long way, spray liberally onto damp hair for the best results, this will enhance hair's natural shine leaving it gorgeously glossy.

One of our favourite things about this hardworking product is the heavenly lemongrass and yucca scent it imparts. For the ultimate benefits, shake well before use and spritz all over the body and hair.

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