The Hair of Your Dreams with Onira Organics

Onira Event, Urban Retreat Harrods

Join Onira Organics Creative Director Mathieu Clabaux in store and experience a bespoke hair consultation and treatment with Onira, to revive and restore your hair. Onira treatments offer an exclusive, luxury and most importantly, natural detox for your hair that promises to strip out all of the toxins and chemicals; revealing its true youth, beauty and shine.

Wednesday 5th April, 10am – 6pm

Urban Retreat at Harrods, Hair Salon Treatment Room

Ultimate Treatment 60 minutes / £90

After a personalised hair consult to diagnose you hair dreams and needs, Matthieu will perform a deep, professional, detoxing cleanse with Onira shampoo, and an intensely nourishing elixir of The Mask and The Serum; expertly blended and left to penetrate each hair strand. The perfect start to your journey back to beautiful, natural hair; all finished with a professional blow-dry, that will leave you looking and feeling fresh and fabulous.

Ultimate Treatment with steamer 75 minutes / £120

Sit back, relax and dream while the steamer works its magic. The steam will allow the hair follicle to open so Onira’s exclusive blend of The Mask and The Serum can penetrate even deeper into the core of your hair. A luxurious, extra-intense addition to our traditional Ultimate Treatment.

To book call: 020 7893 8333

Please note our reservation lines are open from 9:30am - 8:30pm Monday - Saturday; 11:30am - 6:00pm on Sunday

Interview with Onira’s Founder Jessica Le Marie-Pires

We caught up with Onira Organics Founder Jessica Le Marie-Pires to discover more about her inspiration behind this innovative brand.

What lead you to create the Onira Organics brand?

A few years ago, after the birth of my children, my perspective on health, wellbeing and beauty really changed. I became a lot more concerned about the future, being there for my children and adopting a healthier way of living. For the first time, I truly opened my eyes to the impacts that my personal decisions and choices were having on my own body, and the earth as a whole. I made changes in all aspects of my life, from my diet to my health and beauty routines, but I couldn’t find a luxurious, natural haircare line that delivered high-impact results without compromise; so I created my own.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve always felt a very close connection to my Greek heritage, so was naturally drawn to the sea and my native islands as inspiration for Onira. I was also inspired by the beauty secrets of South Sea Island women, who have been utilising the most naturally powerful and nourishing ingredients on the planet in their beauty routines for many years. Our super powerful, bespoke blend, Tahitian Ginger, which is a core ingredient in all products in the Onira Organics range, is a naturally nourishing elixir of a beautiful Tahitian flower, called Ginger Shampoo and Monoi.

What is different about Onira Organics than other organic brands?

Onira is luxurious and bespoke. In my own bid to find natural, organic haircare that really delivered, it became immediately apparent to me that with any other organic brand, there was always a compromise. Onira is completely free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, PEGs and is never tested on animals. We have carefully, and consciously, curated every single product to ensure that they always deliver on quality and luxury. Our Creative Director, Mathieu Clabaux, has devoted many hours to researching and developing our products; we have created Onira rituals, in-salon and at home treatments, and even designed an exclusive haircare tool, The Shaker, so that anyone can blend and adapt the range to fit into their lifestyle. Onira Organics is pioneering the natural and organic beauty movement.

How long does it take for your hair to feel the benefits after you start using the Onira Organics products?

Most people will see and feel the benefits after the first use, however to truly rid your hair of toxin and chemical build-up, it can take up to 4 weeks. Trying one of our in-salon treatments is definitely the best way to kick-start your journey to youthful, beautiful, radiant hair though; then just follow up by using the products at home.

What are you hero products from the collection and why?

Our hero products are The Serum and The Mask. They contain the highest concentration of Tahitian Ginger and are the most powerful, nourishing ingredients in the range. The Serum can be used as a treatment or a styling product, while The Mask can used alone, always on dry hair, or be blended with other products in the range to deliver a super powerful nourishing boost.

Discover Onira products in Urban Retreat at Harrods today.