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Thinking about dying your hair lighter for the summer months but worried about the impact this may have on the health of your hair? Discover Smartbond, the new protective and strengthening service created by L’Oréal that is specifically designed for hairdressers.

The system protects and strengthens the bonds in the hair during colour services to leave you with healthy hair. The treatment can be booked during any colour service in Urban Retreat.

How it works

The system consists of 3 components; the first two are used during your service in the salon and the third one at home.

Step One – Additive

During your service your colour technician will add the additive to lighteners and bleaches to protect the bonds in your hair and strengthen your hair.

Step Two – Pre Shampoo

Pre Shampoo will be applied to your hair after your colour technician rinses out the colour or bleach this helps to remove all chemical residue that can weaken the bonds of your hair.

Step Three – Conditioner

To be used every third time you shampoo your hair this conditioner strengthens the fibre in your hair week after week of use allowing you to keep your salon results at home. This treatment can be purchased in store in Urban Retreat at Harrods.

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