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Meet Valmont’s Spa Trainer Catherine Duke

Catherine Duke, Valmont’s Spa & Institute Trainer welcomes us into her world to discover what makes the Valmont Facials so unique and learn how Swiss brand Valmont’s intelligent range of products work to reinvigorate your skin.

What makes Valmont treatments stand out?

Since its creation, Valmont has been deploying all of its know-how into the field of anti-ageing with professional treatments that combine expertise and product performance. Each beauty ritual features an emblematic treatment, a thorough ritual protocol which can be perfectly adapted to the desires and skin needs of each client. Through unique and exclusive treatment protocols, Valmont treatments are easily distinguished from all others thanks to the ‘Butterfly Movement’. Exclusively developed by the brand and widely used across each treatment, the ‘Butterfly Movement’ is a unique and renowned technique which reactivates skin microcirculation and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Which skin types would you recommend a Valmont facial for?

Valmont facials cater for all skin types. All of our treatments begin with an in-depth consultation, allowing us to understand your skin concerns, fully assess your skin type and tailor each treatment accordingly.

How do you incorporate Valmont’s unique, anti-ageing products into each facial?

In each facial treatment we use an intelligent range of collagen-based products that help to address the causes of dehydration and cellular decline, delivering reinvigorated skin. After each treatment we will provide you with a detailed skincare prescription to identify key products for your at-home aftercare routine.

Catherine is available in Urban Retreat on a full-time basis; visit Catherine today at the counter to discover your routine to suit all your skin’s needs.

Valmont treatments are available in The Limited Edition Suite throughout the year. 

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