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Meet the founders of Bloom and Blossom

Meet the founders of Bloom and Blossom

We caught up with Christina Moss and Julia Yule, founders of Bloom and Blossom on how they created their sophisticated, natural, solution focused skincare range which is suitable for pregnancy and baby.

What was your inspiration behind creating Bloom and Blossom?

There was a market out there for a natural, premium skincare range. So many friends were telling us they couldn’t find products to use when pregnant – products that they were completely confident with and that also looked beautiful in the bathroom cabinet. The concept of developing a range of skincare products with the brand philosophy of ‘solution focused, natural, and sophisticated skincare for the whole family’ grew from there.

Why is Bloom and Blossom so unique from other wellness and mother and baby brands?

We have built a brand by mums and for mums – with 5 children between us we make decisions on what we know we need as mother’s and in turn what our family needs. We speak to beauty savvy women, who know about skincare, who want solution focused products to create this natural brand that is safe and trusted.

What are your top tips to for a good night’s sleep?

Allow yourself to switch off – listen to what your body needs.

Leave all handsets/phones/laptops downstairs. Buy an alarm clock so you are not tempted to check your phone before bed. Create a bedtime routine that works for you – a bath, a bedtime read, a manicure. Finally spritz your pillow with our incredibly effective Night-time pillow spray and allow yourself to fall into a peaceful slumber.

What are your top tips for a healthy work life balance?

That is a hard one – as working mums we do beat ourselves up about not doing enough with our children – but a motto we both believe in is the ‘be present’ and by that we mean when we are with our children ‘be present’ not distracted by work, and when at work ‘be present’ in the role you have. Allow yourself to be good at both roles.

Where do you get your motivation from?

Working as a partnership is great motivation – we are answerable to each other – we want to do what we said we would do and we believe in our business. We get results because we put our best efforts in. We are mums creating products for mums – we are motivated by that enormously – and as our families grow we are motivated to expand the range to provide products for them.

What are your hero products for pregnancy?

Our Anti Stretch Mark Cream and our Anti Stretch Mark Oil – these are certainly our heroes. These products should be used throughout your pregnancy and not forgetting the months after your pregnancy when your body is getting back in shape.

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