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Meet Natasha Zaki From Glossy Make Up

Interview with Natasha Zaki Founder of Glossy Make Up

We caught up with celebrity make-up artist and founder of Glossy Make Up Natasha Zaki to find out about her beauty favourites and how to apply her glamourous lashes.

What’s in your handbag? On that note, do you have a favourite handbag?

I always carry 5 different lipsticks as I love mixing colours! A pair of Glossy Make Up lashes, my purse, cheque book, chewing gum and keys. For my favourite handbag it depends on the space inside however my Chanel handbags have to be my favourite.

What are the golden rules of skin care that you've learnt being a Make-Up Artist?

Always triple cleanse, especially if you wear a lot of make-up. Taking care of your skin by using really a good cleanser, toner, scrub (my favourite one is the Skin Smoothing Polish from Murad), serum and eye cream is really important! Also getting 8 hours sleep is the most important factor of achieving great skin.

What was your inspiration behind creating Glossy Make Up?

I wanted to create beautiful and essential beauty accessories that can help women feel good about themselves. I was researching what women around the world would look like and what eyelash would suit them best and started designing my styles, named accordingly by countries!

What are the dos & don’ts for the lash perfect lash application?

Do cut the edges of the eyelashes for a more comfortable feel on the eye.

Do place the glue on the band of the lash line.

Do not place the glue on the lashes.

Do measure the lash on the eye.

Do use our Lash Applicator.

What are the benefits of using a beauty sponge to apply make-up?

The Blending Sponge really makes your make-up application smooth. It is really good when used wet to apply loose powder to the face. A Blending Sponge can be used instead of a foundation brush.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

My favourite beauty treatment….it has to be a Moroccan Hammam Ritual. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and glowy.

What advice would you give to aspiring beauty bloggers?

I would say to always try to be unique. There are so many Make-Up Artists and Beauty Influencers now so you have to do something that stands out and gives good honest advice. Keep on going & never give up!

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