Introducing Intuitive Consultant Jane Orr

Jane Orr Inutitive Consultation Urban Retreat at Harrods

Book an appointment with our intuitive consultant Jane Orr and have your spiritual tarot cards read. Jane who is an intuitive spiritual tarot, oracle card reader, clairvoyant and healer will be able to help you with guidance for life’s challenges.

Jane is a magical person, with a hotline to spirits. She can tune into your aura and past lives, as well as your current situation. Jane can see and deal with unwanted energetic cords from others, help you identify and clear limiting beliefs, old vows, contracts and outmoded behavioural patterns from this life as well as others. Explore the unexplained in a safe and confidential environment.

Spiritual Tarot Card Reading 

£160/ 50 minutes

Spiritual Tarot Card Reading Follow up Session

£80/ 25 minutes

To book call: 020 7893 8333

Please note our reservation lines are open from 9:30am - 8:30pm Monday - Saturday; 11:30am - 6:00pm on Sunday.