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Haute Custom Beauty Limited Edition Suite

Discover Haute Custom Beauty new to Urban Retreat. A brand born from the merging of two families, one with expertise in an American research institute established 36 years ago and the owner of a Barcelona Spa with 40 years heritage.

The brand have revolutionised skincare with a core focus on new generation formulas and studied beauty rituals. Haute Custom Beauty have studied 800+ Derma profiles enabling the brand to create effective dermatological formulas to cover all types of skin through the creation of personalised beauty rituals.

The heart of the Haute Custom Beauty Method is in its elixirs. Unlike most serums, which tend to be generalized, one-size-fits-all, anti-aging formulas, each elixir has a very specific purpose and undiluted formula which allows the versatility to personalize and fine-tune treatments for more potent, visible results. A more significant extraordinary result creates a very loyal customer base.

Treatments in the Limited Edition Suite

The Haute Tailored Signature Facial

Haute Custom Beauty’s proprietary algorithm diagnostic assigns your skin into one of the 800+ different DermaProfiles™ for a fully tailored treatment targeting the appearance of lines, sagging skin and overall skin nutrition. It starts with a purifying ritual and light AHA peel, following with a customised treatment for the face, neck and décolleté areas. A regenerative massage using their signature semi-precious stone and 24 karat gold covered massager brings therapeutic lifting results leaving a visibly younger complexion. Skin is infused with different elixirs, an opulent Pearl Mask and a luxurious Pearl Veil featuring a tailored mix of potent actives and extracts to restore suppleness and luminosity. Awarded Best Signature Facial in Spain.

£175/ £90 Minutes

The Haute Tailored Luminosity Glow Facial

The facial starts with Haute Custom Beauty’s proprietary algorithm diagnostic to assign your skin into one of the 800+ different Derma Profiles™ for a flash treatment that yields noticeable results. A purifying process including a light AHA peel and revitalising infusion of nutrients and actives along with facial massages to contour and tone skin using their signature semi-precious stone and 24 karat gold covered massagers. An opulent treatment Pearl Mask wraps the skin for a rejuvenating effect and leaves skin with a fresh and healthy radiance. Skin looks rested with a healthy luminous glow.

£125/ 60 Minutes

Available in the Limited Edition Suite on 21st, 22nd and 23rd March.  Call 020 7893 8333 to book.