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Get Summer Ready with Guam

Get Summer Ready with Guam

Made in Italy, GUAM products are used by over 1 million Italian women and is the No 1 cellulite treatment in Italy. The star ingredient is their patented seaweed formula using seaweed that has been selected, harvested and processed according to traditional methods. After conducting scientific research on seaweed GUAM discovered the benefits that seaweed has on the body such as smoothing and moisturising the skin and also helping to reduce water retention. GUAM Seaweed Mud is clinically proven to reduce cellulite and a 2cm reduction of thigh circumference after the first application.

At home treatments

Our favourite home treatment is the GUAM Seaweed Mud Cold Formula With Menthol Essence for sensitive skin. It contains GUAM seaweed, clay, phyto-extracts of ivy, horse chestnut and fucus, lemon and oregano essential oils and menthol. The menthol essence keeps the skin cool preventing it from getting red and hot. These ingredients fight skin imperfections caused by cellulite and fat deposits. Firming and toning action. Apply to the affected areas with massaging motions. Wrap the treated areas with cling film and leave for 45 minutes. Remove in a warm shower.

Salon Treatments

Book in for a GUAM Seaweed Mud Wrap which uses GUAM’s patented formula to reduce cellulite and has a minimum inch loss of up to 2cm after the first application.

Please note: Guam is not suitable for clients with Thyroid imbalance or taking thyroxine. Choose from either the GUAM duo or trio wrap.

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