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Discover Haute Custom Beauty

New to the UK, Haute Custom Beauty (HCB) is a revolutionary luxury skincare brand that emerged with the rich heritage of a celebrated three generation Spa in Barcelona, and an established American research institute, creating the perfect marriage between dermatology, biotechnology and wellness. Extensive research enabled HCB to segment skin into their unique 800+ different DermaProfiles™ allowing the development of highly targeted and innovative skincare products.



Experience an innovative and luxurious 30-day Beauty Ritual, tailored to feed the skin with all the necessary nutrients and actives to plump, renew and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides, sea nutrients and natural exfoliants infuse skin for a nurtured, healthy complexion, whilst anti-aging actives and natural ingredients nurture from the inside out. Through extensive dermatological research, Haute Custom Beauty, developed a proprietary algorithm that has allowed them to create a Beauty Ritual addressing your unique needs. The RTW 30 Day Beauty Ritual Collection includes six different sets, which have been tested to treat the most recurrent HCB DermaProfile™ umbrellas including the following:

- Luminosity Radiance Ritual

- Pore Perfecting Ritual

- Hypersensitive Soothing Ritual

- Lift Firming Ritual

- Anti-Aging Correcting Ritual

- Luminous Age-Defying Brightening Ritual


Haute Custom Beauty developed their precious stone and 24 karat gold coloured massager to revitalise and micro-massage the skin. The other end of the massager has a shiatsu point sphere which aids in the drainage effect. Available in limited editions of different coloured semi-precious stones*.

Benefits Include:

- Minimises eye puffiness

- Helps drain accumulation of fluids in eye area

- Contours and lifts muscles in cheekbone and mouth area

- Tightens jawline and tones neck area

- Eliminates toxins

- Promotes blood circulation bringing oxygen to the skin to stimulate collagen production for a lifting effect

*The 24 karat gold metal covering is hypoallergenic.

Experience Haute Custom Beauty in the Limited Edition Suite this March.

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