Behind the brand with Kate Shapland, Legology

Behind the brand with Kate Shapland

We caught up with Kate Shapland, Beauty Writer and Founder of Legology to find out her inspiration behind creating the brand and her top beauty picks.

1. What was your inspiration behind creating Legology?

I really wanted to create leg products that in 25 years as a beauty writer I had never found. I have a passion for leg beauty and health, and I felt women deserved a more rounded, effective and positive approach to leg care – it had become all about cellulite, in much the same way as skin care has become all about anti-ageing, and there’s more to leg care than this. A lot of women, myself included, suffer with fluid retention, which is a huge contributor to cellulite, and I couldn’t see any products addressing this in a really considered way. At the same time I wanted to create products that made you feel good about using and wearing them – in beauty, frequency is what brings results, so Legology had to be a healthy habit, never a chore. And I wanted to give the brand the charm that I feel is missing in a lot of beauty now: my brand had to project warmth, personality and inclusiveness to complement the expertise behind it, so that the experience is good on every level.

2. What are your top tips for keeping your legs at their best?

My top tip is to move. The key to healthy, shapely legs is to keep moving so that lymph, the body’s natural waste disposal, is stimulated, along with the circulation. Exercise is key, but so are body brushing, exfoliation and massage as a way of stimulating flow. Applying leg cream yourself counts as massage and the right kind of professional massage, either deep tissue body work or very light lymphatic drainage, will move the system so that proteins and particulate matter are metabolised and the trapped fluid which compromises leg shape is reduced.

3. What motivates you?

The desire to create the best – I’m an exhausting perfectionist. It’s not so much about breaking boundaries for me as pushing to make the last detail perfect, because that to me is what makes a truly refined product. And if it turns out to be pioneering as a result of that attention to detail all the better.

4. What are your beauty essentials?

Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs, lipstick, face cream and bath oil.

5. How do you get your legs summer ready?

I cut carbs, shave my legs (I’m a wimp with wax), step up the leg brushing, and use Air-Lite nightly – layering it thick onto thighs and hips. Recently I’ve been trialling a new cellulite oil we’ve developed, and I’ve been applying that underneath Air-Lite like a targeted primer. Legology Sun-Lite, my wash-off tan, is my bare leg saviour once a skirt goes on. It’s the ultimate seasonal migration product.

6. What is your current fitness regime?

I walk a lot – with my dogs and to work every day, and when I’m being extra good I go to Lotte Berk to do barre work twice a week.

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