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Autumn/Winter Foot Care with Ghazaleh Rahimi Khoub

Autumn/Winter Foot Care with Ghazaleh Rahimi Khoub

As summer comes to an end and the months start to get colder many of us forget to look after our feet but having a podiatry treatment is just as important as having a regular facial to keep your feet smooth, healthy and glowing.

Urban Retreat’s resident podiatrist Ghazaleh Rahimi shares some of her top tips to keep your feet healthy and looking fabulous for the upcoming season.

“Our feet don’t really get much of an opportunity to breath in the colder months. We spend most of our day in closed foot wear of some sort. Therefore it’s very important that we treat our feet just as well as we treat our face. Once a week it is recommended that you use gentle natural exfoliators. Your feet, particularly your heels, take a lot of pressure during the winter months and as a result you accumulate hard skin or better known as callus around pressure areas.

I recommend coming in for a podiatry appointment every 6 weeks to see an improvement in your feet. During your consultation you will receive a bespoke treatment that ensures that your feet are free from callus corns and cracks. I’ll then work to hydrate and moisturise your feet whilst also giving advice on at home care in between appointments. I’ll also advice you on footwear styles and how best you can you shop for shoes that are not only stylish but also ideal for your foot type.”

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