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Thalgo is the original professional marine health and beauty brand and the originator of the marine spa trend. Based in the South of France, Thalgo has over 50 years of expertise in drawing on the riches of the sea to develop highly effective skincare products, nutritional supplements and exceptional professional beauty treatments for positive well-being.

Thalgo was founded back in 1964 by a French pharmacist conducting research into utilising marine algae to treat medical and cosmetic concerns. Its origins are in thalassotherapy, the treatment of the body using seawater, a practice considered to be so beneficial and effective that it was until recently prescribed by doctors in France as a medical “cure”. Initially, thalassotherapy used crushed or pulverised seaweeds, which were then made into poultices, in its therapies.

There are 25,000 different species of algae. Thalgo uses several different types of algae in its product ranges, which contain high proportions of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and are known for their detoxifying, healing and rebalancing properties. Today, Thalgo has the widest range of marine-based treatments, skincare and supplements to meet any skin or beauty concern, whether it is detox, firming, anti-ageing, rebalancing, purifying, weight-loss or simple relaxation. 

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