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Leonor greyl

Leonor Greyl presents a range of hair care products made from natural ingredients, a passion for healthy and glamorous hair, and, most importantly, one family’s passion for their profession. Available to buy online and instore, the products stemmed from humble beginnings in a single hair institute in Paris. Their unique products (Magnolia Oil, Honey Shampoo, Wheat Germ Oil, Cream of Flowers) are today some of the most popular and sought after treatments by prestigious hairdressers and top models in Paris and worldwide. 

Leonor Greyl is the brand specialist in hair treatments using only high-quality, environmentally-safe, natural ingredients: honey, bamboo, sunflower, and chamomile, to name just a few. With blends of delicate aromas and plant extracts, Leonor Greyl products give hair brilliance, glamour, beauty…and health!

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