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Royal Fern

The royal fern: a venerable master of survival. It has existed on this planet for over 400 million years, withstanding drastic climate changes and natural disasters while steadily conquering new habitats on every continent. Through it all, it has remained an evergreen, extremely resistant to UV radiation and environmental pollution and a veritable moisture reservoir. The comprehensive protection mechanism that’s been perfected over millions of years, provides each of the plant’s cells with extraordinary powers of resistance against harmful environmental factors.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of the royal fern’s remarkable cellular defence boosting properties on your own skin – at the cutting-edge of cosmetic science, with Royal Fern. With the patented Royal Fern Complex, boasting the uniquely cell-protecting combination of royal fern extracts and four active botanicals that work synergistically for optimum effects.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke is the creator of Royal Fern. Thanks to his many years of clinical experience, both abroad and at his clinic in Munich’s Maximilianstrasse (established 2004), Dr. Golueke is deeply familiar with the wide range of hopes, needs, uncertainties, and aspirations around skin and skin care today – not least, the complex topic of ageing.