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IVTAME has been founded by Psychotherapist and Wellbeing expert Noam Sagi. Noam witnessed how well IV vitamin treatments benefited him when he needed it the most and he decided to create a unique Vitamin therapy experience to support clients on their wellbeing journey.

IVTAME is a new prescriptive intravenous nutritional method offering a targeted dosage of vital nutrients in the tranquil surroundings of London’s most luxurious wellbeing spaces.
All IVTAME infusions are an undiluted blend of powerful super-nutrients and vitality boosting ingredients with immediate results.

This is an entirely wellness-driven and personalised offering, tailored for each dose administered. This supplementation method is the single most efficient and safe way to arm the body and immune system with the right combination and strength of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

Our booster shot options, include specially combined nutrients to increase energy levels, boost the metabolism or nourish skin, hair and nails from within.

The IV infusion menu includes specific cocktails of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients to successfully fight free radicals, reset the immune system, increase energy and restore concentration.

Scientifically proven to offer immediate health benefits, the intravenous method bypasses the gut to ensure maximum absorption into the bloodstream of the vital nutrients required to fuel and arm the body with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals to achieve a higher state of health and wellness. Where the human body only absorbs less than 10% of amino acids, minerals and vitamins in oral pills, intravenous nutrient therapy offers 100% absorption directly into the blood stream.

Each client can choose to receive diagnosis of their vitamin or mineral levels to effectively assess what their body needs and ensure that the right treatment path is mapped out for optimal benefits.