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Haute Custom Beauty

Haute Custom Beauty provides revolutionary personalised clean skincare products and treatments, by merging dermatology and technology with a fusion of undiluted plant and marine extracts along with latest generation biotech actives to yield ultimate skin wellness.

It combines the heritage of three generations in the European wellness industry with an award-winning Spa and Beauty Institute established in Barcelona in 1963, together with the technological breakthrough of a proprietary algorithm from an American research institute to accurately diagnose and provide true personalisation and evident results based on one of over 800 different DermaProfiles™. The Science of Individuality.

Both founder’s families have a history of cancer, so they embarked on a relentless quest to innovate by adhering to the most strict clean skincare principles and eliminating all parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, methylisothiazolinone, silicones and petroleum derivatives from all of its formulas.